Networking for Eldercare Professionals

20th Anniversary Celebration Year
1996 - 2016

We'll be looking back at some of the founding pioneers, memories, organizations and generally 'remembering when' over the past 20 years.  This group owes it's longevity to the opportunity it has provided for many elder care professionals to make personal connections.  The group was started by the likes of Chuck Arconi and Betsy Butler and grew via the grape vine and word of mouth.
    This need to grow your professional 'network' has become increasingly important as our industry gets more complex and competitive.

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Steve Aber:

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Our Mission
Is to provide an information focal point for our members. is designed to supplement the communications needs of our memberships. will evolve and grow according to the direct feedback that is received from our members.

How to Become a Member
To become a member, simply find one or more meetings you would like to attend by clicking the links on the left. Introduce yourself when you arrive and sign-in at the meeting whereat you'll get membership signup information.
The benefits of becoming a member of the Senior Roundtable community are numerous. The industries represented by our membership are typically people centric so the networking opportunities are excellent, some examples include;
Elder Law, Case Managers, Fiduciaries, Social Workers, Doctors, Dentists, Financial Planners, Physical Therapists, Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dementia/Alzheimer Care, Home Health, ADA Builders, Caregivers, Professional Organizers, Move Managers, Communications, Emergency Response, VA. Not to mention the useful information that is disseminated at our fun meetings.

So please join us and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find an environment wherein you'll be making new friends and contacts and reacquainting yourself with old ones.
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