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Hello everyone,


The April Roundtable will be Wednesday April 19th from 8 am to 9:30 am at 2 Upper Ragsdale Professional Building D. Please remember that Roundtable events provide networking and educational opportunities for those who work in the field of eldercare in Monterey and San Benito Counties.


April’s Roundtable will be a continuation from a previous event with Trish Mckeon Ph.D and Lori Espinoza, Esq. on "Exploring Undue Influence" Neuropsychologist and Legal issues surrounding capacity. Dr Mckeon is a licensed clinical psychologist who has specialized in the area of Neuropsychology for the past 30 years. Ms. Espinoza has worked with the City of Monterey prosecuting misdemeanor city code violations.


The first portion of the event from 8 to 8:20 is for networking and a light continental breakfast.  Introductions begin at 8:20, and the speaker begins his/her presentation at 8:30, at 9:25 we have a community update and announcements.


If you know of other professionals in the field of eldercare who are unaware of the event, forward them this email and flyer. Also, if you or the agency that you represent would like to sponsor a breakfast for the event, contact Alisa Shurtz. We are still looking for breakfast sponsors for a couple months during 2017. Sponsoring a breakfast entails providing a continental style breakfast including coffee for approximately sixty attendees. Sponsors get two minutes to speak in front of the Roundtable to inform everyone about their business/agency. They also get a table for their resources/brochures. To sponsor a breakfast, agencies/individuals must attend a majority of the Roundtable events.


We are also taking suggestions for Roundtable events in 2018.  Thanks to our amazingly talented community, we have the 2017 calendar filled with speakers. If you have a topic, presenter that would be of interest to those who work in the field of eldercare, please email/call anyone on the Roundtable steering committee.


We look forward to seeing you on April 19th.


Cindy Klaniecki Montage Health Cancer Center

Mike Montgomery In Home

Vicki Nelson End of Life Consultant

Tiffaney Santoro with Villa Serra/Sunrise

Barbara Bowker with Healthy Living at Home

Alisa Shurtz with Heartland Hospice

Stephanie Dorsey with Options Unlimited

David Hahklotubbe with The Park Lane

Sadie Kvenild with Peggy’s Home Care


Cindy Klaniecki

LCSW Cancer Center Montage Health

2 Upper Ragsdale Drive, Professional Center, Suite D120

Monterey, Ca 93940

O: 831-625-4697